• About us

    Start in Taiwan and aim at the world

    Rooted in Taiwan, UTA is a leading manufacturer to produce hinges for Asia. In 2002, in order to expand the production capacity, the UNITA Industrial Co., Ltd was set up in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province.

    With a total area of 45000 square meters, the UNITA factory is designed as a garden, with a large proportion of greening, making the factory full of green and vitality and adding a relaxed and pleasant mood to the employees while engaged in the hard hardware production. Since the establishment of the plant, UNITA has put the corporate culture of "better than before - keep improving, work patiently - take the plant as the home, take the individual as the group" throughout all aspects of the company's work and production, and has successively passed ISO9001, SGS, Fira, CTBA, JQA and other quality management system certification, environmental management system certification, CCEP environmental protection product certification. All along, UNITA will "advocate green" "Environmental protection and benefit for human society" has been highly recognized by the environmental protection department as its social responsibility through the practice of multiple environmental governance at the same time.

    As a professional hinge manufacturer with a monthly production capacity of up to 10 million pcs, UNITA mainly accepts export orders (its own brand UNITA), and its sales areas cover Eurasia, America, Africa and the Middle East. Since 2005, UTA Hinge has entered the mainland market, looking forward to providing the best choice of hinges in the domestic market in terms of quality, service and profession.

    UTA, a brand after 30 years’ development

    Over the years, UTA has been devoted to building a rigorous and professional R &D team, constantly deepening and improving the construction of the production base, and insisting on strict quality inspection system for decades, so as to win the trust of users, industrial and brand reputation with innovative ability and excellent quality.

    After more than 30 years of production and operation, UTA has accumulated and cultivated the industry-leading R&D strength and marketing experience. With a mature and perfect production base and marketing network and a batch of professional and rigorous teams and visionary and excellent leadership groups, UTA belittles counterparts in the field of new product development and technological innovation. This is the most valuable solid foundation and core strength and the basic guarantee for maintaining long-term competitive advantage and further development. Besides, the continuous expansion of the construction industry in recent years has also brought about a broader market of hardware accessories. After three decades of trials and endeavors, UTA is now re-evaluating the market and is ready to confront the future full of opportunities and challenges.

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